Chanita   Foster,   Mompenuer   is   the   mother   of   6   children and    is        married    to    retired    NFL    player    George    Foster. Although   Chanita’s   Life   has   been   successful,   in   2014   she suffered     from     depression.     Through     that     journey     of recovery    birthed    her    willingness    to    join    the    cast    of BET/Centric     reality     show     "From     The     Bottom     Up". Although   she   swore   off   reality   Television   after   previously starring    on    VH1    Hit    Series    Football    Wives,    Chanita beloved   returning   to   television   would   give   her   a   platform to   talk   about   depression.   In   addition,   her   depression   lead to   her   pining   a   book   titled   "Girl   I’m   Not   Tripping,   I’m Depressed"   which   is   sure   to   shoot   to   the   top   of   the   Best sellers   list.   This   book   speaks   to   all   people,   all   races,   all cultures about how depression has a universal effect. As   a   serialpenuer,   in   2015   Chanita   Foster   locked   arms   with millionaire     Stormy     Wellington     and     joined     Total     Life Changes   a   Multi   Level   Marketing   Company.   Chanita   was named   Rookie   of   the   Year   by   NTWRKR   Magazine   for   her ability   to   earn   $250,000   in   seven   months   as   a   first   timer   in the    industry.   Taking    industry    by    storm,    this    rookie    has spoken   on   panels   and   in   front   of   audiences   in   the   size   of over   3000   sharing   that   you   can   become   a   six-figure   earner with   any   company   at   any   age.   believing   in   multiple   streams of   income,      her   other   business   ventures   include   being   the owner    of    the    Rock    Star    Brand    a    marketing    and    event planning   company,   Urban   Christian   RockStar   Properties, Little    Words    Big    Impact    t-shirt    line    and    Divas    and Cowboys.      It   has   been   proven   anything   she   touches   turns platinum.   This   John   C.   Maxwell   Certified   speaker   was   one of    the    first    9,000    around    the    world    to    be    accredited through the JMC Mentorship Program. Walking   in   Purpose   Chanita   is   a   passionate   philanthropist. Her   passion   fueled   her   to   start   Beyond   The   Game   which   is a   501c3   non   profit   that   assist   the   widows   and   orphans   of Swaziland,   Africa.   Beyond   The   Game   feeds   1000   children 365   days   a   year.   Nicknamed   baby   Oprah,   Chanita   has   built a   school   in   Swaziland, Africa   along   with   many   other   major projects.   In   Swaziland   alone   her   projects   include   3   Care Points,   2   Angel   Houses   where   18   orphans   live   full   time, Adult   Education   Center,   dug   2   Wells   and   pays   school   fees for   multiple   children.   She   lends   her   philanthropic   hands   to many   organizations   including   traveling   to   Haiti   with   Black Celebrity    Giving,   Autism    Speaks,    Hip    Hop    for    Cancer, Kandi    Cares,    40    Girls    and    Some    Shoes,    and    B.E.S.T Homes    to    name    a    few.    Each    day    she    dedicates    time    to changing the world. As    a    mompenuer,    she    recently    invested    capital    for    her children   to   start   a   business   called   The   Jump   Company. Her   daughter   speaks   on   panels   often,   being   a   ten   year   old CEO.   Also,   she   is   a   military   mom.   Her   eldest   daughter serves   in   the   United   States   Navy   and   has   been   deployed multiple   times   on   the   USS   Cole.   This   bragging   mom   has two    National    Champions    in    cheerleading    and    a    barrel- racing   amateur.   Currently   she   is   working   on   a   children's cook book with Team Foster.
Chanita Foster